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Final Project

This was the most entertaining project for the semester. I enjoyed recording this and making it my own. Audio books are pretty cool when you’re the one who’s voice is on it. The best part was deciding what I wanted my audience to hear while I said certain things. I hope I pulled it off the way it went in my head.


Sound Production – Midterm Make-up

This is the a cool sound production project I did. It is basically a story made from sounds. It begins with me coming into work and proceeds into my morning procedure for opening my store. I walk in put in my alarm code, begin to count all the registers and even microwave some breakfast.

Project 2

This is a remake of the sounds from a scene of Jurassic Park. This was a fun project to do and it was a little bit challenging.

First Project

This is my first sound project. It was supposed a story by sound of a day at the zoo. It came out pretty cool.